Omaha Swingers Party! KWN 2020

Omaha Swingers

Did you know Omaha has a thriving Swingers community? Well for the past three years Omaha has been the home of Krazy Winter Nights. This year is showing to be the biggest year of them all.

Krazy Winter Nights this year is hosting a very large Dungion play area for all of you Kinky people. There are also going to be Kink and fetish workshops and classes . Of course plenty of opportunity for you to meet and play with new and exciting people.

Honestly if your Kinky or Poly or thinking of getting into the swinger lifestyle and doing a little partner swapping this is the party for you! They have taken over an entire hotel and outsiders will not be allowed in. Tickets are moving fast so get yours now!

Krazy Winter Nights 2020

Beginning Dungeon Monitors Training

Beginning Dungeon Monitors Training will be held Sunday, September 8th , 2019 from 10:00am – 4:00pm. The cost for this course is $25. Location of the class will be given upon RSVP

If you would like to attend please RSVP to or the-other-joe on Fetlife.

Directions will be provided upon RSVP to those who need them. Due to the amount of interaction in the class, the class size is limited to the first 25 who RSVP.

There will be a one half hour lunch break. Please bring your lunch. However There are quick restaurants in the area.

There is no First Aid/CPR class connected with this class. We do recommend that DMs have First Aid/CPR certification.

Upon satisfactory completion of this “Beginners Dungeon Monitors Training Course” you will have the opportunity to join the Omaha area Dungeon Monitors E-list. This list is dedicated to allowing party hosts who need qualified DM’s to request your assistance. It is also dedicated to allowing DM’s to communicate with each other regarding DM issues/questions/concerns and facilitate a sharing of our collective knowledge.

To attend Beginning Dungeon Monitor Training we recommend you have the following experience, training and abilities:

1.            A minimum of one year of active involvement in the local SM/Leather/Fetish community.

2.            Attended a minimum of 10 SM/Leather/Fetish Play parties (Dungeon Play parties.)

3.            A basic understanding of common play techniques

4.            A strong desire to continue education about different play styles beyond personal areas of interest.

5.            Be able to act in an emergency situation where physical activity and mental/emotional stability are essential.

If you do not have the knowledge and experience suggested, you will still be allowed to take the course and test, but we do warn you that some questions on the test will be on general BDSM knowledge not covered in class as well as information we cover in class. This is not being said to scare you, but to explain why we suggest these prerequisites.

I look forward to presenting this class and hope that you will be able to attend.

Thank you,


Instructor BIO

Guy is a Dominant and currently resides in the Portland, Oregon area.  He found the BDSM scene in 1999 while living in the San Francisco Bay area and has been an avid public player ever since that first play party.  His preference for play is impact and his love of teaching has led him to present lectures, demos and workshops for many groups around the country.   He is a past President of The Portland Leather Alliance and is a founding Board member of The Dungeon Monitors Association. 

Knotty Nights

Well after talking with the venue about A Day of Rope they gave us a killer offer on rooms! So I figured why not throw a play party!

When: March 23rd 6pm-whenever
Where: 3321 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68124 (Ramada)
Cost $20 advance $40 night of (Per Person)
If you are attending a Day of Rope your cost is $10 per person

Rooms are $65-$85

Room Booking information given upon RSVP

We will have a small/Medium dungeon space with room for you to have some nice scenes with friends and partners. We will also be providing a chill suite for mixing and mingling and getting to know new people. You can also book out a room for some private play. Why drive home when your tired and worn out from a fun night. Just stay on the event floor and enjoy.

This party is not just open to those into BDSM and kink. This party is for all of those looking for a sex-positive experience. This party will have a dash of kink and a pinch of swing. We believe there is no reason why you can’t mix your kink and your sex together.

Contact US

A day of rope

Whispers Omaha is proud to announce an amazing day of classes.

When: March 23rd 10 am – 4 pm
Location: Given upon purchase of a ticket
Instructors: Boss Bondage, Okienawa
Cost Per Class/Per person: $25

Cost for First Block (Two Classes)
Per person: $35

Cost for Second Block (Two Classes)(Advanced)
Per person: $35

Cost for all 4 classes (Full day) Per person
Per person: $50


Due to an unforeseen emergency Boss Bondage will no longer be teaching at this  event. We wish him the best and hope to have him here in the summer.   This of course will not stop our day of rope from happening. We have another amazing instructor coming Danarama!!

Instructor Bios:


In his 25 years as a lifestyle Dom, performer, and BDSM educator, Danarama’s experience includes more than two years as Director of, one of the world renowned Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo since 1999, co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, and rigger/director/performer in hundreds of BDSM instructional videos, including many free online bondage tutorials. In addition to rigging for hundreds of fetish photographers, Dan has also co-directed and performed as a Dominant for other websites including,,,, and



Fetlife: Danarama

Twitter: @DanaramaSF

Okie has been involved with the BDSM community for 21 years and the leather community for 20 years. He has been a leather titleholder, leather contest producer, a board member of local and national organizations. He has studied and performed Kinbaku in Tokyo, Japan and has been a student of both western and Japanese Rope bondage for a very long time. He is a member of Mama’s family, a group of politically active leatherfolk and a Westcoast Asshole.

Class Description:
Class One: The power of one rope (Okienawa)

There are some people who can get lost using yards and yards of rope. Tying intricate knots and complex patterns, but the focus may be too much on the rope and not enough on the person. This class will explore ideas to engage two people using one rope in the context of a scene.

Class Two: Fast Rope Bondage for Sex ( Danarama)

Learn some of the fastest and most secure rope bondage techniques for quickly restraining your partner into highly-exposed positions perfect for rough, extremely passionate sex.This hands-on workshop with live demos covers single-column and double-column ties ideal for any bed frame or chair, adjustable pre-tied pieces, one-handed wonders, and even quick-release knots. Also learn ass-accentuating bondage, impromptu dildo strap-on, and quick CBT (cock and ball torture).

Couples recommended for productive supervised practice. Please bring two 10 foot and one 20 to 30-foot length of soft cotton, nylon, or hemp rope at least 1/4″ thick.

Class Three: High and Low Partial Suspensions (Okienawa)

Partial suspensions are generally used as the last part of a transition to full suspensions. The purpose of this class is to explore high and low partial suspensions in the context of an entire scene. This is not an introduction to partial suspension class. Participants should bring 4 carabiners or a suspension ring. You will need to work with a partner to participate. Anyone new to rope or who doesn’t have a partner are free to watch if permitted by the promoter.

Prerequisite knowledge: must know how to tie a basic 2 rope TK or an arms free chest harness.

Class Four: Microbondage

The fine art of microbondage involves tying someone (or yourself) with narrow gauge cordage. 2mm twine. Single-strand string. Even dental floss! Rope bondage is hot, but when the fibers get finer, the the heat goes up. Microbondage is ideal for tying smaller appendages like fingers, toes, nipples, earlobes, any form of genitals, and extra-sensitive parts of the body that ordinary rope can’t touch! It escalates your options for sexy, secret, CBT, or sadistic bondage. In this hands-on (and feet-in) class, Danarama (of Two Knotty Boys,, and teaches you how to safely tie bondage using any tiny line of your choice. You’ll learn how to use microbondage for struggle-resistant predicament, humiliation, sexual, and decorative ties.  
Please bring a bundle of “small rope” (yarn, twine, string, paracord, dental floss, or other thin materials). A crochet hook, tweezers, and nail scissors would also be helpful). 


Or Contact us for more info

Krazy Winter Nights

While this is not a Whispers Omaha event. We will be there hosting a small suite party! Check the information bellow for more details. If you need more info feel free to contact us or hit up Kole.

It is time again for Krazy Winter Nights Formal Dance (Black tie optional)/ Hotel take over! This is our one big party of the Year!!! Once again, we have all kinds of special events for the week-end. The Party it self is Saturday night starting at 8:00 pm

We will Have the Official Krazy Kasbh Band. and a DJ ( can move between ballrooms and have a choice) The Midnight Devils performing from 8pm to 12 am.

This is a true Hotel take over with floor parties and activities.

We are happy to announce we will be doing a speed Meet and Greet Saturday Jan 19th during the day. There is no additional cost to participate in the meet and Greet if you are registered for the party. (If you are just going to do the meet and greet it is a cost of $10 a person or $15 a couple. Private Message me to sign up

Activities will include Live podcast of Krazy Truth, opportunity to Meet the Sin Sisters and so much more.

The Event is at : Comfort Inn
7007 Grover St
Omaha Ne 68106

Room Rates start at $89.00 and up. Call the hotel at 402-934-4900 ext 2104 During business hours.. You need to tell the hotel you are reserving a room for the Krazy Winter Nights event or
You can follow this link and book directly:

Cost: Pre-Pay:
$45 Couple
$ 25 single Females
$ 25 Single males

at the Door:
$55 Couple
$35 Single Females
$35 Single Males

VIP Packages available (Pre-Pay only)
$100- Includes Dinner with 30 KASBH before event, special gift bag and tickets to Ball (Only of these packages available) *** only 3 VIP packages left***

** We also have a vendor fair going Friday Night and all day Saturday. If you have an adult business and would like to be in the vendor fair let us know**

To Pre pay Please email – and put KWN Whispers in the subject line.

**** ALSO we will be having a Pre party Friday Night at The Comfort Inn, In the ballroom. Pre party starts at 8:30 pm and goes until Midnight. We will be doing a live podcast of Krazy Truth with audience participation, and then a DJ will take over. There will be free Hors D’oeuvres and a cash Bar. You can also pre pay for the party as well or pick your wrists bands if you have already paid. Plan to have a Kick ass Weekend!******

###You will be required to have signed up for the party and paid to be allowed on any of the blocked off floors of the hotel (wrist band will be required)###

Whispers Omaha First Mixer!

omaha swingers party

We are happy to announce our first mixer! Whispers Omaha will be holding a meet and greet on December 8th!

We will have some special guests from other communities around Omaha in attendance. This will give you the opportunity to, not only learn about Whispers Omaha, but also to meet and mingle with others who you may not normally have the chance to.

This will be a private event. This means you must RSVP and purchase a ticket.

Tickets are $10/person until December 1st.
Tickets are $15/person from December 2nd-7th.

*We will provide hors d’oeuvres
*There is a full bar available, so this event is 21+
*There will be an area for some light play and a little privacy.

The address of the venue will be given out once you have sent an RSVP and purchased a ticket. This will be a great opportunity to meet with a Whispers Omaha ambassador as well.

We will add more details about this event as they become available.