While most events will be for members only some events will be open to the general public. Keeping the anonymity of our members and quests is one of our highest concerns. Not everyone is in a position in their life where they can be out or outed about there private adult based activities.

If you are interested in joining Whispers Omaha and attending events now or in the future, the process is very simple.

1. You must attend a public mixer or meet and greet. These events will be held every so often. At these events, you will have the ability to meet and be briefly interviewed by a Whispers Omaha Ambasidor.

2. You can set up a meeting with a Whispers Omaha Ambasidor. These meetings will often take place in a very public location at a time set up by you and the Whispers Omaha team.

3. Attend a Whispers Omaha Education class. Whispers Omaha will be offering many hands-on in-person Adult education classes on a range of topics. If you attend a class and wish to go through the process and interview then just notify the class coordinator or onsite Ambasidor.

Once one of the above has been completed you will be allowed to pay your yearly membership dues. Your will be held in an active status as long as your membership dues are current and you’re in good standing with Whispers Omaha.

Being a member in poor standings means you may not be able to attend all Whispers Omaha events.